2. Installing cert-manager

With Helm

Using Helm is the recommended way to deploy cert-manager. We publish a stable version of the chart to the public charts repository.

You can install the chart with the following command:

$ helm install \
    --name cert-manager \
    --namespace kube-system \

The default cert-manager configuration is good for the majority of users, but a full list of the available options can be found in the Helm chart README.


If your cluster does not use RBAC (Role Based Access Control), you will need to disable creation of RBAC resources by adding --set rbac.create=false to your helm install command above.

With static manifests

As some users may not be able to run Tiller in their own environment, static Kubernetes deployment manifests are provided which can be used to install cert-manager.

You can get a copy of the static manifests from the deploy directory.